Here’s What Jeff Foxworthy Thinks About Our Monster Deer Blinds:

“These USA Wildlife shooting houses are awesome! They’re great for filming, hunting and more importantly they allow you to enjoy your hunt with your family and friends. I just wish they weren’t so comfortable because I can’t get some of my relatives to move out of them. Seriously folks, I wouldn’t have anything else!”

“Once anybody hunts in a USA Wildlife Supply Monster Deer Blind they’ll never hunt in anything else again.”

– Greg Kline, TV Personality and Manager for Huntland Farms

USA Wildlife Supply builds the best quality hunting blinds I have ever seen. It is so comfortable and easy to get in and get out of, we almost feel guilty. Almost.”

– Paul T. Fanning, Attorney and Counselor at Law

“Greg really helped us out! We have 12 deer blinds and 8 gravity feeders. The Feed Jet and overhead bin are everything they say and more. I wouldn’t buy anything else.”

– Treldon Cutbirth, Cutbirth Cattle Company, Ltd.

“As an engineer and hunter for 40 years, I appreciate the superior quality in design, functionality, materials and craftsmanship of Greg’s products. On my 9,000 acres are 11 Monster Deer Blinds, 20 2,000 pound deer feeders, Double Hopper-28 Ton Overhead Feed Bin and a Feed Jet System. At home there’s a Bar-B-Q and Fire Pit. All are from TWS. I’ve looked at the competition and no one makes a better product.”

– Lee Jorden, President, Rimco Production Co., Inc.

“Greg’s a great guy to know and do business with. I own property in up state New York and looking to purchase two deer blinds to be delivered, shopped several suppliers; none were interested in transporting and setting up a small order over such a long distance. Greg didn’t hesitate; he was willing to accommodate my request regardless of what I wanted and where I wanted it delivered.

– Mike Iannacchino, Property Owner, New York

“I’ve looked at a number of deer blinds from different companies and I can say without a doubt, the deer blinds from Texas Wildlife Supply are the best built and priced to be the best value for the dollar. The ones I found that were comparable in price were nowhere near the quality. You really have to see them; they’re built solid and don’t shift or flex. The windows slide smoothly with no binding and are easy to take out and replace. Greg, you have the delivery, mounting and anchoring down pat. There’s nothing cheap about USA Wildlife Supplies’ deer blinds and I got my full money’s worth.”

– Trevor Rees-Jones, President, Chief Oil & Gas

“As a hunter, user and property owner; I’ll assure you that from my experience, you can always count on a deer blind from USA Wildlife Supply being a Class “A” piece of equipment. Over the past four years; my three deer blinds have withstood wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour and are still standing tall. They’re literally bulletproof; heavier gauge steel and thicker foam insulation than any others I’ve seen. The excellence in fabrication and design makes them extremely well balanced, causing them to be much easier and safer to erect and stabilize. Considering the quality of materials, I couldn’t build them myself for that price.”

– Lee Harbin, Harbin Game Management, LLC