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Whitetail Deer Hunting Season: Ox Ranch has an MLD permit that extends our Whitetail season further than what most ranches aren’t allowed.

Feb 28th – Sep. 29. (archery and rifle)

Origin: North America
Antler Size: 8-14 points
Weight: 100-403 pounds
Estimated World Population: 30,000,000+
Ox Ranch Population: 750+

Whitetail deer are native to Texas, and there is no better place to hunt them than at Ox Ranch!  We have hundreds of whitetail bucks free ranging on over 18,000 acres of Texas Hill County.  Be wary of whitetail ranches that keep their deer penned up.  The majority of them are lab-created monsters that cannot survive in the wild!

You may hunt our trophy Whitetail deer using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind.

Book a Whitetail Deer Hunt

Whitetail Deer Hunting Trophy Fee:

$2,500 (up to 125 SCI score)
$3,500 (126-149 SCI score)
$5,000 (150-159 SCI score)
$6,000 (160-169 SCI score)
$7,500 (170-179 SCI score)
$8,500 (180-189 SCI score)
$10,500   (190-199 SCI score)
$12,500 (200-210 SCI score)
$14,000 (211-220 SCI score)
$15,500 (221-230 SCI score)
$17,500 (231-299 SCI score)
$20,000 (300+ SCI score)

*Field Dressing Included
*100% Opportunity Guarantee
*Transportation of your Animal to Meat Processor / Taxidermist
*Firearm and Ammunition Provided, if Needed
*Access to the Ranch’s 5,800-foot Paved and Lighted Runway

Whitetail Deer Hunting All-Inclusive rates:

Book a Whitetail Deer Hunt

Weekday Hunting Package $1,000
Weekend Hunting Package $1,250
Additional Non-Hunting Guests $200/night

Our All-Inclusive Whitetail Hunting Package Includes all of the Above as well as the Following…

*3 days/2 Nights of Lodging  (additional nights $500/night)
*Meals Included and Prepared by an Award-Winning Chef
*All-Inclusive Beverages
*Experienced Hunting Guide
*Trophy Bass Fishing, Cave Exploring, and Numerous other Free Activities
*Night Vision Hog Hunting up to two hours per night.  We will Drive you Around the Ranch Hunting Without the use of any Lights! Or you can Hog Hunt from our Hunting Blind that Holds 10+ People.  This Blind has a TV that Receives Live Game Camera Footage, a Poker Table, Air Conditioning, and a Fully Stocked Bar.

Interesting Whitetail Deer Hunting Information:

  • 1 in 10,000 whitetail doen’t have antlers!
  • These deer are fast!  They are known to run at over 45 miles per hour!
  • Whitetail deer are the smallest of North American deer and the most abundant, with a population of over 30 million.
  • In the early 1900’s, there were only about 500,000 whitetail deer in North America.
  • When threatened, whitetails will chirp and wave their tails frantically!

Whitetail Hunting Reservations

We recommend making Whitetail deer hunting reservations well in advance to secure availability.


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